LIST - Texts To Get Out of Every Holiday Obligation

text party

It seemed like such a great idea at the time so you accepted that invitation, but now you find yourself with a jam-packed social schedule and you don’t feel like doing any of the things you’ve obligated yourself to do. You can’t cancel on all of them, but if you’re struggling for a way to free yourself of a party, event, or get-together you agreed to go to but want to ditch, here are a few excuses you can text. Take your pick and enjoy your free night.

“I’m so sry…woke up sick. Staying in:/”

“This week has been nutty, think I need to lay low tonight.”

“OMG. That’s tonight!? I’m the LITERAL WORST.”

“Traffic is insane! Won’t make it. Hugs to everyone.”

“You’re not gonna believe this. I’m stuck at work. FML.”

“Will try my best to be there, but things are CRAY RN.”

“Oh no, thought I told you I couldn’t make it! Send my <3.”

“Taking the night for myself. #selfcarealert!”

“Wait—LITERALLY walking to my car RN and it’s straight up missing???”

“I’m grounded. I grounded myself. YAS QUEEN! It’s the new meditation.”


“Is Anthrax still a thing? A lil worried someone just sent me some in the mail.”

“OMFG abducted by kind, benevolent aliens. See you Monday!”“Who dis?”

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