Bieber's Parents Love Selena


As we previously told you, Justin Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallettehas had nothing but good things to say about Selena Gomez. And according to a new report, that’s because both she and Justin’s father Jeremy totally approve of them getting back together.

"His parents love Selena. That want him to date someone and think she is very sweet and a good girl," a source tells E! News. "They are happy with how Justin is doing and his focus. They support him going to church often and having his faith being such a big part of his life."

But it's about more than that...according to this source, it's about things coming full circle for Justin. "They think that being back together with Selena is a positive thing," says the snitch. "He wants to do things differently and make it right and show everyone how far he has come."

Overall, the source says Justin’s mom considers Selena a “positive influence on his life,” which is good, because they say he “wouldn’t pursue a relationship with someone that his mom didn’t like.”


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