This Will Make Your Day: Boy Born With No Arms Or Legs Takes First Step

A video of Kate Whiddon’s four-year-old son, Camden, walking for the first time has gone viral for all the right reasons. The Texas mother posted the video on Facebook showing Camden, who was born without arms and legs and wasn’t expected to walk, taking his first steps.

Whiddon found out about her son’s condition when she was only 18 weeks pregnant, but he wasn’t diagnosed with amelia-phocomelia until after he was born. And the young mom didn’t know what to expect from her son’s life because he didn’t have arms and legs, so seeing this achievement is amazing.


“You’re sitting up all by yourself. You’re not falling,” Cole Greene, Camden’s father, says to his son in the video. And mom chimes in with, “Camden, I’m so proud of you buddy.”

But the best part of the video is Camden’s excitement as he says, “I’m walking,” as he proudly scoots toward his dad.


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