Mariah Carey Gets Interviewed With Puppies

We all know Mariah Carey loves the holidays and with her new holiday DVD “All I Want For Christmas Is You” out now, she agreed to chat with Buzzfeed about the holiday season. But this wasn’t any old interview. This was another edition of Buzzfeed’s interview with puppies and it’s totally adorable. 

Mariah’s completely decked out and dripping in diamonds for the interview, in which she’s laying across some pillows as adorable puppies run and play around her. The plan was for Mariah to answer some questions from fans, but she winds up being too preoccupied by the puppies to form a complete thought.

Among the few answers she does give, she says she still believes in Santa, she loves “everything” about the holidays, and insists she’ll be happy with any gift, noting “it’s the thought that counts.” She also promises that fans will get a new album “as soon as I get back in the studio after Christmas.” 



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