Sam Smith Wants To Start A Family

Sam Smith sees a future with kids in it. When asked by “The Sun” whether he wants to have children he shared, "Massively, yeah, it’s like, my life plan. I want kids so bad.” He adds, “I just feel like it’s nature’s way of reminding you that it’s not about you. It makes you not selfish." 

As for whether Sam wants to have kids with a surrogate or if he’d rather adopt, he seems to be open to either. "I think I might do both," he said. "When I went to Iraq to the camps, it made me want to adopt." 

Meanwhile, Sam admits that earlier in his career he did let fame got to his head a bit. “I was living in that scene way too much, and I needed to be brought back down to earth," he says. "There was one time when I wore a new pair of pants every day and threw all the old ones away. I got obsessed with wearing different pants every night. But that only lasted a month. I re-wear all my pants all the time now." 


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