Taylor Swift Shares A Look At Her “Secret Sessions”

If you’re one of those Taylor Swift fans jealous that you didn’t get invited to one of her "Secret Sessions" listening parties you’re going to be even more jealous when you check out what actaully went on at them. 

Taylor just released a video featuring behind-the-scenes footage from parties in London, Nashville, Rhode Island and Los Angeles, and they certainly look like they were a fun time. In the clips, fans are seen arriving to her home, taking pictures with the singer and listening and dancing to her new album “Reputation.”

“She blew my expectations out of the water,” one fan says. “Every song is a freaking masterpiece, and we all were speechless,” while another adds, “Every song you’re just like, ‘This is my favorite,’ and then another one comes on and you’re like, ‘No, this is my favorite.’”



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