Internet Theories Abound About Taylor Swift’s “Ready For It?” Video

Taylor Swift debuted the video for “Ready For It?” late last week, and as you can imagine, fans spent the weekend watching it carefully to try figure out what it was about, as well as what, if any clues, are hidden in it.

Some of the theories include: 

  • Taylor has revealed some “Reputation” track titles within the graffiti in the clip, especially since “UR Gorgeous” is clearly visible, a nod to her already released single “Gorgeous.” Other possible song titles shared include “All Eyes on Us,” This Is Enough” and “I Love You In Secret.”
  • Fans also think she’s giving a shout out to her beau’s birthday, since her birth year “89” is written in graffiti, alongside a “91,” which is the year beau Joe Alwyn was born.
  • There are eight cyborgs present in the video, which fans think represent the eight boyfriends Taylor has had in her life.
  • Taylor is referencing her Kim Kardashian/Kanye West feud in the graffiti that reads, “They’re burning” and “All the witches,” since the feud has been called a “witch hunt.”
  • The bolts of electricity that shoot from naked Taylor’s fingertips is a reference to ex-Calvin Harris, since the artwork for the song Taylor wrote for Calvin, “This Is What You Came For,” features a lightening bolt.
  • Naked Taylor is the actual real Taylor in the video, while the evil cyborg Taylor is the Taylor the media has created, and she is imprisoning the real Tay.


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