This Will Make Your Day: Football Team Lets Opponent In Wheelchair Score

High school football is a very big deal in Comanche, Oklahoma, but two opposing teams there just came together to show that it’s not always about winning or losing, but how you play the game that really matters. When John Marshall High School played Comanche High, they gave a player from the other team, who was in a wheelchair, a chance to finally score a touchdown.

In a video of the heartwarming moment, you can see players from both teams rallying around number 52, Jordyn Campbell, as he zooms down the field in his wheelchair to score a touchdown for his team. This is his senior year and his last home game ever, so it was a really special game for Campbell, made even better by the opposing team.

“He eats, sleeps, and breathes Comanche football, Campbell’s mother Jennifer Hinsley explains about her son. “So to each of you and coaches, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the impact that this will last a lifetime for him. I wish each of you the best in days to come.”


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