How Did Selena Gomez Stop A Fan From Committing Suicide


Selena Gomez may have helped save a girl’s life. According to “The Blast,” Selena reached out to a young girl who runs one her fan accounts after the girl posted a suicide note in which she said she was going to kill herself on Monday.

Several fans quickly tried to convince the girl not to go through with her plan, and many tagged Selena so she’d know what was going on and she did indeed respond. Selena reportedly sent a private message to the girl explaining, “I don’t care if you love or hate me, suicide is never the answer. If you need someone to talk to, please dm me – you are loved by your family and friends, trust me. I love you.” 

Police eventually showed up to the girl’s house and she has since been hospitalized and will be receiving the professional help she needs.


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