Pink Is More Than Just The Tough Chick

Pink may come across as being a pretty tough gal, but she tells “CBS Sunday Morning” that’s not completely true.

“In a box of crayons, that's probably one color," she says. "'Cause some people think I'm a tough chick; some people think I'm the gooiest, most sensitive little delicate bird they've ever met in their life. So it just depends on the day." She adds, “The truth is, it's all true! And then some! It's a very large box of crayons!"

While Pink, whose new album “Beautiful Trauma” comes out Friday, does seem like she’s fearless, that’s not the case when it comes to raising her children, six-year-old Willow and nine-month-old Jameson.

“The worry was the part I wasn't prepared for. That's the part they don't tell you about,” she says. “I admire the parents that don't worry and that are just like, 'It was only ten stairs.'" While that may seem odd for someone who flies above crowds during performances, Pink notes, “but I know what I'm doing. And it's me. But I can't have her hurt herself. She's my little bean. And now he's my little meatball." 

As for her husband Cary Hart, Pink admits he’s a “wonderful man and wonderful dad, but sometimes a terrible boyfriend,” but at the end of the day she says, “I love him,” adding, “we just have a story that we’re writing together and we’re just never done.”


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