Maroon 5 Album Has Nothing To Do With Men’s Rights Activists

Maroon 5 wants fans to know that their new album has nothing to do with Men’s Rights activists.

The band recently announced that their new record “Red Pill Blues” would be dropping November 3rd. The title seems to be referring to the concept introduced in “The Matrix,” in which the red pill gives a person knowledge and freedom and the blue keeps them blissfully ignorant.  Well, it turns out Men’s Rights Activists started using the “red pill” phrase to describe the moment they realized the truth, that feminism is wrong, and that men, not women, are treated worse in society, and some wondered whether the Maroon 5 title had anything to do with that.

Well, in case you missed it, Maroon 5 are firmly denying any association with the MRA . “This title does not have any relation to the term you reference,” a rep tells Jezebel. “FYI...The album title is a reference to ‘taking the red pill’... which is a common phrase used to describe ‘seeing things as the really are’ ...such as like in ‘The Matrix’ where Neo takes the red pill.”


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