American Idol Still In Judge Trouble

ABC’s “American Idol” reboot is running into some trouble and it hasn’t even premiered yet. While they have confirmed Katy Perry as a judge, TMZ reports that they're still having a tough time securing stars for the other two spots at the judges’ table and they may be running out of time.

The show’s bus tour auditions ended yesterday, and taped auditions with the judges are only weeks away, but that can’t happen until more judges sign on. And if that takes too long to happen, the show risks a huge scheduling issue, since production will then have to deal with the conflict of Katy’s “Witness World Tour,” which kicks off Tuesday.

As for who those other judges will be, that’s a good question. Apparently Luke Bryan is someone they definitely want but there’s been a problem getting him to sign on the dotted line. He reportedly wants more money, and while they tried offering him Disney perks, he wasn’t having it. As for the third judge, sources say producers aren't close to signing anyone else.


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