Does Demi Lovato Have A New...Girlfriend

Demi Lovato has sparked rumors of a new romance with Lauren Abedini, a Los Angeles-based DJ who goes by the stage name Kittens. The singer was spotted holding hands with Abedini, as well as wrapping her arm around her, at Disneyland over the weekend, causing some fans to speculate that they could be dating. Lovato has never confirmed her sexuality but chose to play coy when asked whether her single, “Cool for the Summer,” is about experimenting with women given its lyrics. “Take me down into your paradise / Don’t be scared ’cause I’m your body type,” are just some sample lyrics from the song. “I’m not confirming and I’m definitely not denying,” Lovato has said. “All of my songs are based off of personal experiences. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with experimentation at all.”



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