Kesha Writes A Letter To Her 18 Year Old Self

Kesha’s new album “Rainbow” finally comes out today, and it’s certainly been a hard road to get here. The singer expresses just that feeling in an emotional letter, which she wrote to her 18-year-old self. She starts by noting that her 18-year-old self is probably wondering whether she made it and while she shares that the good news is she did, she also acknowledges the hardships that came along the way. 

“The bad news is, you nearly killed yourself on the road to success, fueled by fear of failure, crippling anxiety and insecurity,” she writes. “You will become severely bulimic and anorexic and the worse your disease gets, the more praise you will get from some people in your industry. And this will really, really mess with your head.” She adds, “But when you're trying to live up to an unrealistic expectation, it's never going to be good enough. No matter what you do.”

She also recommends she not read comment sections on the Internet, noting, “It's a breeding ground for negativity and hate.” She also shares, “And don't let people scare and shame you into changing the things about yourself that make you unique and interesting. Those are the qualities that will make your life so magical."

Referencing her album’s title track “Rainbow” she notes, “You're going to write this song so you remember to make it through. You're going to remind yourself to love yourself and if you have truth in your heart, there will always be a rainbow at the end of the storm.”


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