Katy Perry Describes Her First Kiss

Katy Perry has had a lot of famous boyfriends, but growing up she wasn’t always as lucky with the men in her life. The singer reveals in the new issue of “W” magazine that her very first kiss was less than ideal. In fact it was her worst kiss ever. 

"My first French kiss was in sixth grade in Big Bear, California," she says. "I was hanging out with this girl from church who had a bit of a reputation. She had a coed party, and I was not allowed to go to a coed party until eighth grade. But I went anyway."

The singer’s first kiss came during a game of spin the bottle, with Katy noting, “I spun the bottle, and, all of a sudden, I felt like there was a wet fish in my mouth. That was my first kiss. “ She adds, “when you're in sixth grade, there's no art to French kissing. There's no cadence, no beautiful up and down, no waves. Instead, it just feels like your mouth is getting invaded by a slug."


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