Demi Lovato Doesn't Want To Be Known As Bipolar

Demi Lovato has been open about her mental health, but doesn’t want to be known just for that. The 24-year-old recently got candid about not wanting to be labeled as bipolar. “I think when people refer to me as being bipolar, it’s something that’s true – I am bipolar – but I don’t like people to use it as a label. It’s something that I have, it’s not who I am,” Lovato explained. She added, “I think Demi Lovato, activist, is something I’d really be proud of.” And that’s what she's been doing as she uses her platform to raise awareness about mental health. “I think it’s very important that people raise the importance of mental health because it’s something that’s so taboo to talk about. The more people know about it, the more people are going to be able to find solutions to what they’re going through,” she said.


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