Justin Bieber May Be In Trouble In Rio

Justin Bieber is due to arrive in Rio de Janeiro today and he may not be getting the warm welcome he had hoped for.

Back in 2013, Biebz was charged with a “crime against the city order and cultural heritage” after he spray painted graffiti on a wall of The Hotel Nacional, which is a protected heritage site. Nothing ever happened with the case because it was suspended when Justin left the city, but now that he’s due back for his “Purpose World Tour” he may be in trouble again.

The city’s Public Prosecution Service now says the case will be reopened when Justin arrives, and they’ve requested “the court issue a writ of summons in his name.” 

Justin is expected to be served with the summons when he arrives today, which he must sign acknowledging that he’s aware of the situation. He also may be questioned before he leaves the country. He’s expected to be in Brazil for three shows, one in Rio and two in Sao Paolo.

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