Louis Tomlinson Arrested After Airport Scuffle

Louis Tomlinson is being defended on all sides after a scuffle at LAX that started when he protected his girlfriend. The first of the two-part melee started when a paparazzo got to close to Eleanor and Louis basically "took him down."  By the way, this whole mess was recorded on video, which will be good for the 1D singer in court.

The second part of the chaos happened as Louis was dealing with the photographer. Two women pushed Eleanor into a corner and Louis can be heard asking for help as he then wrestled one of the attackers. Finally, airport security intervened and Louis and Eleanor walked away.

Louis was later arrested and booked for simple battery, for which the maximum sentence is 6 months' jail and a fine. he was released a short time later with a reminder to appear in court March 29. Meanwhile, Pierce Morgan and several other celebrities have defended Tomlinson for his actions. 

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