Photo: Taylor Swift/Instagram

By Marc Inocencio

She’s happy, free, adorable, and awkward at the same time.

Taylor Swift — and her supermodel friend Karlie Kloss — attended an Ingrid Michaelson concert in New York City when the duo stepped onstage and danced in a way that only Taylor can pull off.

In a video taken by two concertgoers, the Red artist — donning a black minidress — moves her arms like a wave, sways from side to side, and (kind of) does the running man.

In another clip, the 24-year-old hugs the Victoria Secret model and continues to shimmy to Ingrid’s “Afterlife.”

This isn’t the first the “22” singer showed off her should-be patented dance moves. One of her most viral moments, however, was when she threw down her adorable moves at the 2014 Grammys when Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar performed onstage.



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