Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

Justin Bieber was not having it during a deposition on Friday in Miami.

TMZ has obtained video showing the 20-year-old acting dismissive and rude while talking to lawyers for more than four hours,as part of a lawsuit in which his bodyguard is accused of allegedly beating up a photographer last June.

“This is insane … he comes off so awful,” Harvey Levin tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest about the videos. “He’s arrogant, he’s dismissive, he’s insulting, [and] he’s cocky. It’s like he knows there’s a camera pointed at him and he’s still doing this.”

In fact, at one point in the video, Justin winks directly into the camera. The pop star also ignored questions and pretended to be asleep at various points, even storming out of the room when asked whether he dated Selena Gomez.

“It probably was a bad question,” Harvey admits of the lawyer questioning him about the “Come & Get It” songstress. “That’s the drill in these depositions [though], they go all over the place.”

 However, during other more-reasonable questions, Justin still refused to be cooperative. At one point, he even laughed: “‘What is this 60 Minutes? Is this Katie Couric?’”

Harvey adds that Justin “even swore at the court reporter” and concludes at the end of the day, “This is a nothing case … why not just settle it? Why subject yourself to the deposition?”

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