surveyed 2,099 hiring managers and human resource professionals and discovered that color plays a big part in making an impression during an interview.  So check what you're wearing!  You may need to change!!!

Black=Leadership.  It can come across as unapproachable but it also portrays glamour and sophistication.

Blue=Team Player.  This tone exudes trust and confidence!

Gray=Logical.  This color shouts independence and isolation, which isn't bad if you're confident.

White=Organized.  It's safe but you risk coming off dull.

Brown=Dependable.  This earthly color shouts that you're warm, safe and a UPS driver!

Red=Power.  Save this for a hot first date.  Red conveys courage, excitement and energy.

Green, Yellow, Orange and Purple=Creative.  However these colors do not elicit feelings of trust or commitment.