Heading out on a family trip is a sure way to make memories that will last a life time.  Sometimes those memories are fun and sometimes those memories are ones that you'll laugh at...much later in life.  When cruising with 4 people sandwiched in a small space you must have a plan or you'll feel trapped in a hoarders closet.  This is how I survive a cruise!

4 sets of underwear, socks and belts floating around is enough to make you crazy in itself.  Grab a shoe organizer to hang in the closet.  Everyone gets their own compartment for these items.  There will even be a few extra slots for other items laying around.

This is my handy dandy folding laundry hamper.  I know what you're thinking!  If my husband can't make the hamper at home then why would he be able to make it in the hamper on a cruise?  He won't and neither will your kids.  This just makes it easier for you to keep your sanity!

Yes, your shower will have a nifty little clothes line.  The problem is, what are you going to do with all your wet stuff when you shower?  The clothes line goes directly overhead occupying a space roomy enough for a chihuahua to bathe.  Grab some tiny suction cups and you're set.

When we cruise we love to play games!  There's nothing better than thinking that you're cooler than you actually are.  Just remember that cruise ships love for people to have a good time.  Most contest don't just give prizes for winning and being the best but also for being an ultimate failure.  For instance, on an egg drop competition there is a winner for the best and the worst.  So if you don't think you can win...lose big!

One final thought.  Wear sunscreen!  My husband paid the anti-sunscreen price on our last cruise.  I know you want to come back tan.  There will be plenty of time for that.  If anything wait until the last day to get burned because it sure beats getting burned on the first day and hunting down meds in Mexico!