If anyone knows how to take a selfie, it's Kim Kardashian.  Personally, I think it's funny that celebrities take selfies because they always have an entourage. You mean to tell me there's no one around to take your pic?  So according to SheFinds.com, this is info on how to take a perfect selfie...according to Kim Kardashian. 

-Suck in your cheeks and give a little pout.

- Know your angles and only take shots that show your best side.

- Keep your glam face on...no matter what.  Even if you're going to get acupuncture, make sure you have on full make-up with eyelashes and lips.

- Get your honey in the shot.  The couple that selfies together stays together.

- Bootie shots are just fine, as long as yours is too.

-Make sure you get your famous friends in there.  How will anyone know how fabulous you are if they don't know the company you keep?

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