I am a Pinterest woman!  If mama doesn't know what to make for dinner, she looks it up on Pinterest.  The site allows me to pretend I'm an awesome cook, crafter and housekeeper.  However, every now and then it lets me fall firmly on my face.  It does this to remind me that it is the boss!  At first Pin, it looks simple!  You can make cookie cups to hold ice cream by simply shaping the cookie dough on the back side of a cupcake tin.  What can go wrong, right?  I knew something was up when my son turned on the light to the oven and said, "Oh wow, those look great!"  It was soon followed by my husband proclaiming that I was burning down the house.  I reassured everyone that I was just testing out the smoke alarms and our operations were up to code.  FAIL!!!!  All I have to say is...better luck next pin!