Have you ever bought a cute outfit thinking you look hot and then see it in a picture and think, "Why didn't someone stop me?" The free "Postelio" app is just what you need.  It's an app that allows you to send pictures to your fashion friends and get their opinion before you drop some hard earned cash on a fashion fail!  What are fashion friends?  It's your friend that you're always a little jealous of because they always look "put together" in any situatuion.  Here are just some of the friends you need.

1) The Career Climber - She's the guru of office wear.  You know the one who never shows underwear lines under her dress pants!

2) The Badass - Going to Vegas for the weekend?  She's the friend that takes jsut a carryon bag and looks fabulous all weekend.

3) The Fitness Guru - She can fit in a workout and still make happy hour, looking fabulous.

4) The Hipster Girl - The friend who dresses down and still looks chic.  Yeah, I hate those people too!