Ask about any runner what run is at the top of their Run Bucket List and running the Disney Marathon will be near the top.  Therefore I grabbed the best running buddy ever and we set off to mark it off our list.  If we were going to Disney we were going to do it big and run the Goofy Challenge.  That would be running a half-marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday.  Yes, it's crazy and I don't believe we full thought it thru!  It's a combined 39.3 miles...not counting all the other miles walked around Disney during the weekend!!!  I'm sad to say that about 3 miles in to the half-marathon, my knee decided not to cooperate and go on strike.  (I injured it during our last long run before the race)  Boo knee!!!  With a little convincing from ibuprofen we were able to finish the half.  The real challenge would come in on Sunday for the full marathon.  We just decided we would take our time and stop for as many pics as possible.  We were pretty good until mile 9 and then running became a struggle.  It's even more discouraging when we approached mile 13 and everyone started yelling that you're half way done.  I wanted to strart crying!!!  How much more IB and Tylenol could I safely pop and still be upright to get my medal.  I will tell you that running is more mental than physical there's a point that you have to turn off what your body is saying and play the mental game.  We started singing the "12 Days of Christmas", posing for pictures, laughing at other runners and making up songs.  Eventually we made it to the finish line where tears of joy started falling.  What a long weekend!  I will honestly say that "Divine Intervention" got us to finish the Goofy Challenge as well as the thought that if we didn't we would have to post it on Facebook!!  I wanted to go to Florida and kick that run in the butt...I didn't finish in the time I wanted but I finished, looked cute doing it (thanks to my mom!) and had a blast.  A friend onced said that if your goal doesn't scare you then it's not a big enough goal!  I totally agree!  So grab a friend and set a scary goal!  The magical memories will last a lifetime! 

Photos:Janet KJYO