I almost got into a fight while driving today.


Here's what happened:

I was driving to see my Chiropractor in Norman. I was going north on highway 77/12th street after exiting off of Highway 9. There is a 7-Eleven on that road and the car in front of me was turning left across southbound traffic
. Because there is no turn lane there, I had to stop as I couldn't get around him and there was traffic in the right lane. While I'm waiting for the driver to turn into 7-Eleven, the BMW driver behind me honks. Right about that time, the 7-Eleven driver turns and traffic starts moving again.

I look up in my rear-view mirror and BMW guy is tailgating me, yelling at me and throwing his hands to the right, indicating I should get over and out of his way. The problem is, I can't because there are still cars in the right lane and I need to turn left in about 1000 yards anyway. He keeps tailgating me so I speed up and around the first car in the right hand lane, then roll down my window and flip-off BMW guy as he drives by. 

This pisses off BMW guy who slams on his breaks and rolls down his window and tells me "If you pull over, I'm gonna kick your ass!" I look out my window and say "Why were you even honking at me?!" and then speed back up. As I'm doing this, I roll up the window. He catches back up to me but now my window is up and I won't even give him the pleasure of looking back over at him. He gives up and speeds off and I get back over in the left lane just in time to make my turn.

I'm a pretty passive driver when someone is being an idiot, but he really irritated me by getting mad over something I had zero control of, so I just let him have it. He was young, probably an OU student, and probably driving a BMW that daddy's money bought. Oh well, it was exciting, no harm done, and I got a good story out of it.