Yesterday morning when I found out about the passing of radio legend Casey Kasem, I posted the following to Facebook:


Casey Kasem passed away today. My very first paid job in radio was to show up at KJ103 every Sunday morning at 8am and play "American Top 40 with Casey Kasem" off of CD for 4 hours. He was a radio legend and icon and will be missed, though I'm glad his suffering is finally over. Rest In Peace, Mr. Kasem.


There are icons in every industry, and Casey Kasem was a huge icon in the radio industry. If you'd like to remember some of Casey's best moments or if you've never heard him do his radio magic, I would encourage you to check out the Casey Kasem iHeartradio Stream. You can also head to iHeartradio and search "Casey Kasem" to hear Casey Kasem Countdowns 24/7.