I haven't been talking a lot about my Keto diet lately because quite frankly, there's just not a lot to talk about. I'm still on it, I'm exercising, and I'm losing weight. However, sometimes people ask me about Keto and when I explain it to them, the first response I almost always get is either "I could never give up bread" or "I could never give up sweets". My response is to always tell the person that really, after about three days, you don't miss them all that much. That's not to say that every now and again I don't wish I could just go nuts on a tub of ice cream or a mound of french fries, but I've come to know that by denying myself those pleasantries for a short amount of time, I will be allowed to enjoy them (in moderation) for the rest of my life while also being at a healthy weight.

If you're one of the people that has the "I could never give up (carbs)" mentality, let me ask you this: If you could give up something for one single year of your life that would make you happier, healthier, and that you could go back to enjoying every once in a while after that year is over, would you do it? That's what it takes to put yourself in the right mindset for this diet. I love carbs as much as anyone else, but I'm also aware that I've been having a carb party for 30 years and it's put me dangerously overweight and could hinder my ability to enjoy the next (God willing) 50 or 60 years of my life. So, if I plan on living to 80 or 90 or 100, what's one single year? Really, not that much at all. Sure, when you're doing it it feels like it will never end, but I promise that it really is a short amount of time that has the potential to make you healthy and save your life.

Could you give it up for 1 year? I know I can, and I hope you can too.